Glory to the heroines
Centre for Contemporary Art “Laznia” in Gdansk, 2019

Poland owes a lot to women. They did a lot, but somehow they did not find a place for them in this beautiful story - the story of the fight for independence - emphasizes Barbara Labuda, oppositionist and former MP, in Shana Penn's book Underworld of Women. The American researcher and journalist held talks with Polish opposition activists who played a key role in creating the anti-communist underground. She described the activities of: Anna Bikont, Teresa Bogucka, Anna Dodziuk, Anka Grupińska, Ewa Kulik, Barbara Labuda, Helena Łuczywo, Agnieszka Maciejowska and Joanna Szczęsna, as well as the history of Tygodnik Mazowsze, edited by women. The underground magazine was published in 1982-1989 and created a new civil society that could take a peaceful fight against communism. "Tygodnik Mazowsze", according to Penn,he paved the way for a patient revolution. "Women's Underground" and its protagonists became a direct inspiration for the performance by Justyna Górowska.

Costiume: Pavel Vlodarski, Choreographic collaboration: Iza Szostak, Curator: Marcin Różyc