P 115-1 U (Bleached coral)
Shefter Gallery in Krakow, 2019

 In 2019, the American corporation Pantone selected "Living Coral" as the color of the year, while vast portions of the world's coral reefs succumbed to the bleaching phenomenon. In response, a site-specific installation at the Shefter Gallery was introduced as "Color of the Year 2020: Bleached Coral," drawing attention to the ecological crisis we are facing. The statement emphasizes: “You are what you eat, what you drink, and what you breathe. You are a plastic offspring of capitalism. Pantone, the American corporation that has monopolized the color spectrum, might once again choose the reef as the color of the year. This time, however, they might neglect to mention that it was 'living.' And no one will highlight that the reef was fading.”

What appears to be an empty and sterile space is, in reality, the @WetmeWild Instagram gallery, developed using Augmented Reality technology. Every visitor can experience this through a communal application available for download on their phones.

Hypertextual installation developed on mixed reality smartglasses Microsoft Hololens based on the poem #hylos by Maciej Topolski. The installation was created during a performance at the Cracow Gallery Weekend 2019.


I wanted to love you
but i didn’t know how

and did the lubricant help somehow
and what was the result of this activity

since we suffered from a lack of access
to the sources to mingled bodies

you said come with me
but nobody has followed us

nobody sacrifices nothing to commemorate
those events only empty

plastic bottles