Nymph Tears
commissioned by Nationl Gallery Zachęta in Warsaw and PuntWG in Amsterdam, 2021

Water is the substance around which all life goes on on earth, in the era of late capitalism, contaminated with microplastic fibers. Written in human rights as an inalienable right, it has become a bottled product, privatized and monopolized by corporations. During the performance at Noc Kupały @WetMewild, she emerged from the moist vapors of the Slavic myth, becoming a contaminated body of water.

Part of the project is the designed by WetMeWild AR “Nymph Tears” application avaiable under the link: shorturl.at/izYZ9

The performance was realized during the "Wave of Sound" organized by the Wolskie Centrum Kultury on June 21, 2021. Costume @MartynaKołtun, camera @AkeZorn, choreographic support @KrzysztofJerzak.