Bunkier Sztuki Gallery in Krakow, 2018

“I am not merely a post-product; I am a re-product in perpetual repetition. I am one among many copied bodies, replicated and multiplied. An infinite edition of a micro-plastics infused organism.”
Revived during a performance, WetMeWild emerged as a cyber-guide addressing issues related to Xenoestrogen water pollution. Xenoestrogen is a synthetic compound that mimics the properties of the female hormone, estrogen. It is found in various products, including hormonal pills and the plastic used for bottled water (primarily in the form of Bisphenol A or BPA). Since it's not biodegradable, when it enters the bloodstream, it accumulates in cells, disrupting hormonal balance and elevating disease risks.

The performance utilized mixed-reality smart glasses, Microsoft HoloLens, paired with a real-time scanning system by Kinect 2.0. This setup enabled the creation of a hologram in the shape of a 3D model. Consequently, the performance unfolded in two domains: the real world and augmented reality.

Work was made in cooperation with Eternal.

The full text of the Polyethylene_terephthalate is available here.

WetMeWild as Corposhiva, 2017 (photograph in collaboration with Tadeusz Rolke).