Art in General in NYC, 2017

WetMeWild is the fantasy of being a Slavic water nymph, a mythical green haired creature with special seductive powers, living in a river and small forest streams. Her creation, appearance, used artifacts, and performed gestures are a game of associations that refer to existed mythology. WetMeWild appears within the humidity of the High, Chamber, Canal and Spring New York City Subway stations (which are former underground water streams), through small ephemeral interventions, a choreography of walking through platforms and situational distortion in subway train. She smears the smell of Polish forest in the form of a transparent lubricant that becomes subtle traces of her presence.
Another activity of WetMeWild is the distribution of stickers with augmented reality on subway station shallows. Each of them can be scanned by the Layar App for additional materials to appear; video instructions of created artifacts, eco-engaged chat or interactive links that refer to water conservation issues. She makes, as well, augmented reality hacks at the New York City Spring subway station. Any of the Spring signs in the station can be scanned for a interactive link chained to WetMeWild's Instagram profile. Her WetMeWild account is another level of virtual appearance, with documentation of all activities in reality and those especially created for that platform.
All her activities are involved in the protection and worshipping of water during environmental degradation, as well as in the concept of responsible communication in a time of developed technology, online presence and domination of corporate system.
WetYouWild with #sweat #tears and other #naturallubricants.


WetMeWild was realized during the artist-in-residence programs in Art in General in New York from June–September 2017 through the support of FUTURA and the International Visegrad Fun.

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