Hydrosex manifesto
perform in Performance Space NYC  in New York , 2023

Inspired by the ecosexual weddings by Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, cyber_nymphos art research duo, Justyna Górowska and Ewelina Jarosz, married the brine shrimp on the 14th of September, 2021. The ceremony “Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp” became a part of their film for Hydrocene. In 2023, during the conference “Deep Sea Babies. Navigating Between Utopias and Dystopias for the Blue Planet” in Poland, they connected their Californian friends and collaborators’ ideas on environmental art with theories and practices on environmental humanities developed by The Posthumanities Hub, an extra multi-university platform directed by Cecilia Åsberg at Linköping University in Sweden. As a result, they launched a hydrosexual movement in art, accompanied by a manifesto!

Two years after the wedding, the cyber_nymphos returned to Annie, Beth, and their friends to participate in their extravagant symposium, "Exploring the Earth as Lover: Ecosex and the City." They aim to provide you with an immersive experience of the digital perceptions of the Baltic Sea region, which they bring to the event in a transcultural queer_feminist_eco-tech fantasy! Through their bodies of water, they  channel a hydrosex manifesto into a dream of a low-trophic AR digital imaginary.

Full text of Hydrosex Manifesto available here: https://bluehumanitiesarchive.com/?s=hydrosexual

Part of the project is the designed by WetMeWild AR “Hydrosex manifesto” application avaiable under the link: http://bitly.pl/l1wna.